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What Is Freebie Trading Exactly?

Freebie trading is the system by which people generate an income by working freebie sites. What are freebie sites? Freebie sites or incentivized freebie websites (IFWs) are internet marketing websites that contain many advertisements(offers) for different products and services.The freebie site or IFW is paid a commission each time an individual signs up to receive these products and services through that site.

So How Do People Make Money?

People make money with freebie trading because the freebie site offers incentives to those who sign up for offers on their site and send other people there (referrals) who also complete offers.These incentives can take the form of a cash prize or a tangible item, like a laptop or a big screen TV.

Fulfilling the offer requirements of a freebie site is also known as "going green" or "greening" in freebie-speak. Most freebie sites only require that you, yourself, "go green" once, and after that, will allow you to collect prizes from them over and over again, an unlimited amount of times.

How Do I Make Money By Being A Referral (Completing Offers)

People who work freebie sites for a living (freebie traders) will pay you to sign up under them and complete the offer requirements (go green) so that they can get get paid (collect their incentive prize) by the freebie site quickly and efficiently.

Most freebie traders will pay you between $10-150 to "go green." How much you are paid for a given site is determined by the difficulty of the site's offer requirements and the value of the prize. A fair measure of what you should be paid is half of the per referral value of the prize. Many traders will pay you more than this for the more difficult sites.


How Can The Trader Afford To Pay Me To Complete Offers?

It's really pretty simple:

Once you have completed your offer requirements "gone green" on a freebie site, that site is now "yours" and you are given a referral link through which you can refer other people to this site to complete the offer requirements just as you did. Once you have obtained enough referrals who have "gone green," you will get paid by the site, usually a cash prize, or if you picked a tangible item like a tv or xbox 360, the site will send this to you by mail.

As an example, let's say that you picked $30 Paypal cash as your prize, and the site requires that you get 1 referral for it. This means that you get $30 per referral. So you pay each referral $15 to complete offers (go green) for you on this site and you profit $15. The real beauty of the system is that once you've collected that first $30, you can send more new referrals to that site and collect $30 for each one over and over again, forever...without ever having to complete any additional offers.

Has the little lightbulb gone off in your head yet?

Ok...Wait A Minute...What Do They Get Out Of it?

You may be wondering where the freebie sites/IFWs are getting the money to pay people, since it may appear that they are paying out more money than they are receiving in commissions. So where do the IFWs and their sponsors get their money?

In actuality, the world of incentivized freebie marketing is quite profitable, both to the freebie site and to the advertisers who run the offers for two main reasons: the first is that many people will end up keeping a product or service because they like it or because they just forgot to cancel. The advertiser makes money, either way, and gets word of mouth advertising to boot from the people who tried the product or service and liked it enough to keep it. The second is the concept of attrition, and this benefits the freebie sites themselves.

Attrition happens when someone signs up at a freebie site, starts completing offers, but never completely fulfills the offer requirements. The freebie site gets paid a commission for the offers that were completed, but because the offer requirements were not met, does not pay out the prize.

There are a few freebie sites that make the most of the concept of attrition by making it progressively more difficult to complete the offer requirements the closer the trader comes to obtaiing the necessary referrals to cash out their prize. Most freebie sites are not like this, however, and completing their offer requirements is a very simple and straightforward affair.