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Frequently Asked Questions

1: Is this a scam?

No, it isn't. I will never ask for your bank account or your credit card number. I will never ask for a dime from you.

2: Will I get spammed to death?

I will never spam you, however the offers you sign up for will send you emails. For this reason, it is a good idea to set up a separate email account for all of your offer and site sign-ups.

3: Do I have to sell anything?

No, there is no selling involved.

4: How quickly will I start making money?

I can get you $255 pretty quickly. To start earning right away, sign up for The Free Lunch Room here and send a private message to me, "silvervixen," letting me know you've come from this site. I will give you my phone number and I will walk you through your first trade. (Signing up for the Free Lunch Room is free.)

5: How much money can I make?

I do this full time and I make over $2000 a month. Some people make more, some people make less. It all depends on how much you apply yourself to this.

6: Can I do this part-time?

Absolutely! There are many people who are quite successful doing this part time, and there are others who do this as a hobby. Of course, the more you apply yourself the more money you will make.