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How It Works


How To Start Making Money

In its simplest terms, it works like this: you sign up at a website that advertises products and services. You choose one or two of the advertised products to try out for free or for a very low cost in order to complete the offer requirements. I pay you much more than the cost of the trial of whatever you've signed up for, and you make a profit.

For example, on the site that I recommend you start with, you can quite literally complete your offer requirements for $5 or less, depending on which offer you choose. The site will pay me $30 for referring you, and I'll pay you $15 for completing the offer requirements.

Under the Getting Started menu on the left you'll find full instructions for signing up on one of these sites and getting paid for being my referral. For a step by step illustration of what it looks like to complete one of these sites, please refer to my Virtual Walthrough also on under Getting Started


How To Continue To Make Money

You can earn between $150 to $300 just by being a referral and I have plenty of sites that you can work on, but being a referral is only the beginning. The long term opportunity lies in collecting your own referrals. I currently average $2000 per month just from collecting referrals, and the potential is there for you to make just as much, if not more. This part of the business takes more time to develop because part of it involves establishing a reputation in the trading community, and I will show you how you can do it, too.

Once you complete the offer requirements of a site (and get paid by me) that site will be "yours" and you can send referrals there and get paid by the site for each referral who completes the offer requirements, just as you did. You can do this over and over again without having to complete the offer requirements on that site again.

For a detailed explanation of the entire opportunity, please click on the menu button titled All The Details under Freebie Trading Info to your left.