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The Free Lunch Room

The Free Lunch Room, or "FLR" as it is known by its members, is a forum dedicated to freebie trading. It provides a place for the freebie traders to conduct their business. It is on a forum such as FLR where buyers (traders looking for referrals) and sellers (people looking to get paid for completing offers) find each other and strike the deal. There are other trading forums out there, but FLR is by far the largest.

I choose to conduct my trading business on the Free Lunch Room and I urge anyone who is serious about getting involved in freebie trading to join there as well. There are many benefits to joining, including a very active trading community where help is always just a mouse click away. The forum also offers protection from scammers, which I will talk about in greater detail further down this page.


The FLR Trade Manager & Feedback System

One of the benefits of doing business on the Free Lunch Room, is that traders are encouraged to use the Trade Manager to record their trading transactions. The Trade Manager also acts as a means of documenting the terms of a trade so as to reduce the potential for scamming.

A common way of recording a transaction in the trade manager would be for me to enter that I will pay you $15 on green (meaning when you have completed the offer requirements.) In exchange I will receive from you a referral on Once we each have completed our respective ends, we would record the trade as complete and leave feedback for one another.

Feedback is very important to freebie traders and is a measure of a trader's reputation on the forum and functions very much like it does on Ebay. By scanning a trader's feedback, you can read what other traders have to say about how they were to deal with and a higher feedback or itrader score indicates a level of experience as well.

Joining The Free Lunch Room

Joining the Free Lunch Room is easy and it is FREE. To join today, please click on the link below and follow the prompts:

Join The Free Lunch Room

Once you have joined, please send me a private message (PM) to me, "silvervixen" and let me know that you've come from this site and would like to go green.

If you have already started a transaction from the information under Getting Started please let me know which site you are working on so I may enter the details in the Trade Manager. Also let me know which email address you used to sign up and your Paypal email address, so I'll know where to send payment.

One important thing I should mention is that after you join, you should familiarize yourself with the forum rules. FLR is a very large forum and they do have quite a few rules and you'll want to know what they are so you don't accidentally get yourself banned.