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Glossary Of Terms

Below you will find a listing of common terms used in freebie trading.

Affiliate: A group or network which works with freebie sites to run advertisements on freebie sites.

Approval: The point at which the freebie site has verified all of the referrals needed for a cash-out or a prize and the prize is ready to be shipped.

Buyer: The person in a trading transaction who is receiving, or "buying" a referral.

Cash-out: The payment, usually in Paypal cash, received from a freebie site once a trader has obtained the necessary amount of green referrals. See also: Prize

CC: Credit card. Often a necessity when completing offers.

Clear cookies: The process of deleting the small bits of data that are deposited in your computer which track your progress when completing offers.

Cookie: A little bits of electronic data that get deposited in your computer by freebie sites and offers and are key in receiving credit for completed offers.

Confirmation page: The final page you arrive at upon finishing signing up for an offer. You will need to leave this page up on your computer for at least 5 minutes without doing any further browsing, other than to check your email, to ensure that offer crediting goes through. Also known as the "thank you" page.

Credit: A value assigned to green status on a freebie site. More difficult sites require more of these to go green.

Crediting: The process of obtaining the necessary credit from offers completed on freebie sites. Crediting is done with tracking cookies and is handled on the advertiser's side.

Evergreen: Describes a freebie site where you only have to complete the offer requirements once (go green.) Same as forever green and often used with repeatable.

Feedback: A rating, just like Ebay, that denotes how many successful traders a trader has completed on a forum. See also: itrader and TR.

FLR: The acronym for Free Lunch Room, the largest trading forum on the Internet.

Free Green: Used a a promotion by freebie site to get traders referring people to a new site or network,or a new site on an established network. Getting this means you obtain green status without having to complete the offer requirements. You must sign up unreferred to take part.

G4G: The acronym for green for green trading. See also: Green for Green Trading.

Green: Having met the offer requirements of a freebie site.

Green For Green Trades: A type of trade in which one trader agrees to go green on another trader's site in exchange for the other trader going green on his or her own site.

IFW: Incentivized Freebie Websites, another term for freebie sites.

Itrader: See feedback or TR.

Jump The Fence: The process of transitioning from being paid to green to paying others to green for you.

Landing Page: The first page you come to upon clicking on an offer. It is important to let this page fully load before doing anything else, and to avoid pressing your browser's back button, or in any way navigating away from this page except to proceed foward with signing up for the offer.

LTCO: Looking To Complete Offers; a subforum on FLR where sellers can post their availablity to complete offers.

MCR: Manual Credit Request; used to request credit for an offer completed where the credit was not granted. Most sites do not take these any longer, but a few do.

Network: A group of freebie sites run by the same entity. Each site in a network is considered a separate site, and therefore, you are allowed to green each one.

Offers: Advertisements for products and services found on freebie sites. Most are for free to low cost trials, but some may require an outright purchase.

Offer Requirement: The amount of offers, measured in credits, that one must complete in order to achieve green status.

Offer Weight: The amount of credit each offer is worth, usually expressed as a fraction, a decimal, or a percentage of a credit.

P4R: Paying for Referrals; a subforum on FLR where traders post the sites on which they are looking to buy referrals for, and how much they are willing to pay for each.

PM: Private Message; a form of messaging within a forum. Sort of like an internal email system.

PP or PPD: Project Payday; a program available on the Internet, that for a fee, or in exchange for the completion of an offer, provides tutorials and other information about freebie trading.

Prize: The payment received by a freebie trader from a freebie site once the necessary number of green referrals have been obtained. Usually takes the form of Paypal cash. See also: Cash-out.

Red Status: Red status is the result of a referral violating the terms of service of a freebie site or an offer and means that the referral will not count towards the trader's prize.

Referral or Ref: Anyone who signs up under a trader's referral link.

Referral Link: A unique URL assigned by a freebie site to those who have met the offer requirements. This link may then be used to obtain sign-ups toward the prize.

Repeatable: Any freebie site that will let you collect prizes over and over again. Used with evergreen, or forevergreen.

Scamming: Any sort of fraud perpetrated against other freebie traders and freebie sites.

Seller: The participant in a trade transaction who is receiving money, or is "selling" his green to a trader.

Site: A single freebie site, whether it is standalone or part of a network.

Spamming: Any message sent unasked for, whether it is a PM, an email or and IM, usually sent with the intent of soliciting a trade agreement.

Support Ticket: An internal communication sent to the admins or support staff of a freebie site, and the most effective way to reach them.

TOS: Terms of Service. Each site and offer has its own TOS, and while a lot of the language is similar,you should always scan through these to make sure there is nothing in there that is objectionable to you before committing to an offer or freebie site.

TM: The Trade Manager at FLR

TR: A measure of how many successful trades a trader has completed on a forum. See also: itrader and feedback.

Trade: An agreement between two individuals where one exchanges a referral for either another referral or for cash.

Trade Thread: A thread posted at FLR in the Paying for Referrals section that lists all the sites on which a trader is seeking referrals and how much he or she is paying for such referrals.

Yellow Status: Indicates that all of the offer requirements have not been satisfied.