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Full Instructions

Below you will find complete instructions on how to complete your first site. These instructions are pretty specific for the this easy 1 credit site that I am recommending to you as your first trade and will pay you $15 for, once you have completed the offer requirements ("gone green.") The basics are the same however, and can be applied to any site, although you may have to complete more than one offer to "go green" on other sites.

I encourage you to join the Free Lunch Room forum so that we can conduct our business there with the benefit of the Trade Manager. Find out all the details about the Free Lunch Room by clicking on Trading Community on the menu to the left.

Simply follow the instructions to sign up; it is, of course, free, and send me a private message once you have your account set up. In your private message, please let me know which site you are working on (if you've taken my advice, that would be as well as your sign up email address and your Paypal email address. Once I have this info, I will create our trade in the Trade Manager, and let you know how to confirm it.

Live Support Is Available

I am available by instant messenger and phone to assist you with your first trade. To receive live support, which by the way, I encourage you to do, please send me a Private Message, if contacting me through FLR, or an email to with your IM information or your phone number, and the best time to reach you, and we can work out the details from there.

Setting Up Your Browser & Your Computer

Make sure you've turned off your pop-up blocker, have your browser set to accept all cookies and have your browser security settings set as low as your system allows.

Be sure to turn off your Windows firewall and any third party firewalls you may have running. Windows Firewall can be turned off via the Security Center under Control Panel. An example of a third party firewall is ZoneAlarm.

If you have Adaware of Spybot, turn these programs off. If they are running there will be an icon by the clock that you can right click and choose shut down or exit.

Turn off your anti-virus and make sure that any accompanying privacy guard features, like anti-spyware and anti-adware are disabled. These can often interfere with offer tracking and will cause you to have problems crediting.

If you have any third-party toolbars, like Google or Yahoo, turn these off as well. These feature additional security settings that interfere with offer tracking. You can turn these off by going to the View menu at the top of your browser, selecting toolbars and deselecting them from that list.

Once you are done working freebie sites for the day, you may turn all of your security back on/back to their prior levels.

Clear your cookies, cache, and temporary internet files.

Important: Do not clear cookies between offers, or you may have credit issues. The only time you need to clear cookies is before you sign up/log in for a particular freebie site for the first time

If you are uncertain about how to complete any of the above, please click on the link below that matches your browser:

Instructions for Internet Explorer

Instructions for Firefox

Completing Your Offer

After you click on the offer link, let the webpage ("the landing page") fully load before entering your information. Avoid pressing your browser's back button, as this will cause crediting mishaps. If you need to read the terms of service or any other information about the offer, right click on it and open it in either a new tab or browser window.

Do not navigate away from the main "landing page" should additional "pop ups" come up. A common one that is coming up lately is one where a "chat representative" with a picture of a smiling girl with a head set offers a discount. Do not click on that pop up. Close it and enter your information on the main page and proceed normally, otherwise you will not receive credit for the offer.

After you have signed up for an offer, stay on the "confirmation page", (the page that says thank you for signing up, or some such) for about 10 minutes and check your e mail for a confirmation message. Once you receive your e mail confirmation, and 10 minutes have passed,you are usually safe to close the page.

Let me know by PM, or IM or email when you are green, and I will pay you as soon as possible...usually within 24 hours of you going green.

Our First Trade - Highly Recommended

I recommend that you start with the easiest site I have available, I recommend this site because it only takes 1 offer to go green. The terms for this trade are as follows:

I will get from you: green on

You will get from me: $15 in Paypal cash

If you are Paypal verified and have confirmed the trade in the Trade Manager at FLR, you will be paid right away on green, else I will pay you on approval. At all times, I reserve the right to a full refund if your account on is placed on hold for whatever reason after you are paid by me.

green: you have signed up under my referral link and have successfully completed the offer requirements of the site

approval: My prize, based on your referral, has been successfully approved by the site.

My Referral Link:

Please make sure you have read and understand the instructions on this page as well as the Before You Start page found in the menu to your left before clicking on this link. Please refer to the Virtual Walkthrough menu as you go along as well.

To get paid the quickest, please register at the Free Lunch Room and send me a private message once you've set up your account, noting the site you are working on, and your sign up and Paypal email addresses. Once I hear from you, I will set up our trade in the Trade Manager and send you instructions on how to confirm it.

Register For The Free Lunch Room

Once again, membership at the Free Lunch Room is completely free, and there are many benefits to joining as outlined in the Trading Community section.

If, for whatever reason, you don't want to join FLR, you may send me the same information via email to

My Other IFW/Freebie Sites

If you have already completed, or you want to do another site for whatever reason, please take a look at the other sites I have available by clicking on Referral Links on the menu to the left.

How much I am paying for a green per site is listed beside the site link and the terms would be the same, i.e. if you are Paypal verified and we have a confimed trade in the FLR trade manager, I will pay you on green. Otherwise, I will pay on approval.

To inform me that you have completed a trade on any of my additional sites, please either send me a private message, if working through FLR, or send me an email with the name of the site you completed, your sign up email, and your Paypal email.