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Getting Started:





Virtual Walkthrough

Below you will find a virtual walkthough from start to finish using the site I recommend for our first trade, This is the easiest site I have so it is great for first-timers. I will pay you $15 to complete the offer requirements. (Go green)

The picture below is what you will see when you click on my referral link. You will note that it is asking you to choose your prize. At this point, it does not matter which one you select, since you can change it at any time in the future, but choosing your prize is the first step in signing up. This is the prize that you will eventually receive once you have qualified for it by going green and by sending referrals of your own.

Please also note that you do not need to refer anyone to be paid by me. Your prize is what the this site will pay you once you begin sending referrals to them, just as I am doing with you.

Below is a picture of the bottom of the page above. The most important thing to note here is that you are being referred by user 9058 (that is me.) If you see "you are signing up unreferred" this means that you did not click on my referral link, or something else went wrong, and that you need to go back and try again.

Once you enter your email address in the screen above, this next picture shows the next screen you will see. Here you will be asked for your information. It is very important that you use correct and true information here and for any offers you sign up for, as the freebie sites are quite diligent about checking out the validity of your information. If it is found that any info is false, or contradictory, your referral will be no good to me and if I have paid you already, I will ask for a refund.

Always use the same email address for both freebie site sign-ups and offers. You may use a separate email address from either your Paypal email or the email you use to correspond with friends and family, but it should be a working email address.

The other important thing I want to point out here is that directly under the box for your phone number the text reads "Please Note: in order to reduce fraud, we've implemented an automated telephone verification system.." This means that once you click on =>Next Step<=, you will immediately receive a phone call to the number you entered in that space. An automated attendant will tell you a numerical PIN code that you must enter on the next screen to proceed further.

Here is the screen that you will see immediately after clicking =>Next Step<= and as you can see, there is a box for you to enter the PIN code that the automated attendant will tell you.

Once you have received and inputted your PIN code and clicked =>Next Step<=, you will be taken to the offers page. Here you will see a display of the various trial offers available for you to use to complete your offer requirements. You will note that pretty much all of the offers are worth 1 credit. This is because this site is a very simple one that only requires you to complete one offer. The most common offer weights on other sites are anywhere from a 1/2 credit to 1/5 credit.

Hovering your mouse over the little picture of the offer will give you some more information about the offer and what you need to do to complete it. In the example below, you see the information for the Blockbuster offer. It says that in order to receive credit you must sign up for the trial and rent some movies. Please note that this is only an example, and I am not encouraging you to choose Blockbuster. You are free to choose whatever offer interests you the most.

Continuing with our example offer of Blockbuster, here is a sample of what you will see when you click on one of the offers. The page below is known as the "landing page" and it is important that you do not navigate away from this page or use your browser's "back" button. All of this is explained in greater detail in my Full Instructions.

To read the terms and conditions, or anything else about an offer, please right click any links and open them in another browser window or tab. Navigating away from the landing page, except to go forward in completing the offer, may cause you to lose credit for completing the offer. (Again, this explained in detail in my Full Instructions)

If everything is satisfactory and you decide that you would like to complete this offer, fill out the requested information (using all true info) and click "I authorize" and you will be taken on the thank you or confirmation page. (Not pictured here.) Leave this page open and sitting idle on your screen for at least 5 minutes to allow for all offer tracking to take place. You may check your email for a confirmation message, which you should save as you may need it later.

Once you have completed your offer and the crediting process has been completed, your status page should look something like that you see below. Once you see "Congratulations! You have met the offer requirements!" it is time for me to pay you as we agreed.

On a final note, please do not be alarmed if you do not receive credit right away. Even the offers labelled instant can take a few hours to a few days to actually credit you.

Please read my Full Instructions as well, before proceeding to sign up. You may use this walkthrough as a guide.