XXXSims2 has the audacity to call its products “Donation packs” and the amount you must pay to receive said packs a “donation.” This site does not host even one free file; it has three “donation packs” all of which you must “donate” roughly $6 USD to get.

Each “donation pack” contains some decently meshed objects and some great custom sex animations for the Sims2. It would really be wonderful if the owners of XXXSims2 got together with Hunter240x, Landomann, Bsett, and Jokerswild to come up with the absolute coolest sex animations for our game. But no, they won’t share their talents because they’re too busy raking in the cash.

How can this site be accepting “donations” to cover bandwidth expenses when there are no free files there at all for which bandwidth would need to be covered? There aren’t even any downloads available on that site…the packs are emailed to the purchaser once payment has been made! For crying out loud, be honest, XXXSims2! You are selling custom content! You aren’t asking for “donations” nor are your “donation packs” gifts to the kind people who choose to donate to you! Even Blade of PandoraSims, the scum of the Sims community, is at least honest about what he does. He freely admits he sells custom content.

If you must have XXXSims2 mods, go download them for free from the booty.

P.S.: It appears that Hunter240x is working on a upgrade of his earlier LoveRug and the animations for this object blow anything that XXXsims2 has done out of the water. Hunter240x will release his object for free as soon as it is ready.

It also appears that Jokerswild is coming up with an object very similar to XXXSims2 but with much smoother animations with plenty of added features. He apparently has a semi working package going and when it is ready, it will also be available for free!







Beosboxboy: You are a complete diva and as such, you have lost whatever measure of respect I have ever had for you.

 I went to your blog and read your latest post railing against what you feel is hypocrisy at MTS2. I also read the original post by Hysterical Paroxysm and the replies therein to get some idea of what occurred.

It seems to me that your post was deleted because it was indeed an off-topic rant that contributed nothing to the conversation.  Hysterical Paroxysm did not want her post to be derailed into a pro/anti paysite debate. She wanted to discuss creators’ policies and why they should be followed.

I fail to see any hypocrisy in that post nor any policy at MTS2. In fact, MTS2 is very zealous about guarding the rights of creators to determine what happens with their work. They do not, nor have they ever, allowed ANYONE to repost a mesh or a recolor without the consent of the original creator and a link back to that creator. Your work would, in point of fact, be much safer hosted at MTS2 than it is at TSR or any of the InSim sites.

In short: HP and MTS2 agree with your position that creators do have rights regarding the disposition of their work.  The issue of pay creators and their rights is mute, because since MTS2 hosts only free creations and recolors, you’ll never find any pay TOU violations there. (Not that you ever did before the rule change, because…*hits forehead* MTS2 never allowed the reposting of anyone’s work without consent!)

BeosBoxboy, a famous Sims 2 creator, posted this at :

“Since 2006, factions within the body politic of the Sims community have done their level best — through both naivete and malice — to strip most of the mantle of beauty from the experience, so these days I find my interest wan and tenuous for all things Sim. I cannot help but be morally outraged by the pirates, they bicker and quibble over this incredibly silly matter of pay-sites while the reality of the world is ripe and fruitful with valid complaints and issues. Lately, they try to defraud all artists, free and pay, of the right to even a policy. Just lovely.”

I have a few comments in response to the above. Since I would get banned from a site that I enjoy downloading from were I to post this there, I am going to respond here, on my own webspace, for all the world to read.

First of all, Beos, if you find that you are no longer interested in the Sims, please stop playing the game, and for God’s sake, do not create custom content for it any more. While I love the custom meshes that you created with Marvine, I am certain that others will carry on where you left off.

You claim that you are morally outraged by pirates. Why? What are they doing that is in any way harming anyone? Everything at Paysites Must Be Destroyed was paid for, fair and square, and is being SHARED, as it should be by the kind folks over at that site.  

I am morally outraged by paysites, who disguise their profit motives by words like “donate”, “donation,” and “gift.” True donations are made voluntarily, without the expectation of receiving anything in return. When you give money, and in exhange for that money, you get some item, it is called a sale. Accordingly, these sites are selling Sims 2 custom content, and act that is prohibted by the Sims 2 EULA and even if it were not, would be extralegal at best.

Paysites are just wrong and an aberration peculiar to the Sims community amongst the larger gaming world. You will never see Morrowind custom content up for sale. Morrowind players would never accept it. Why? Because it is pixel crack. It works only within the context of that game world and has no use outside of it.

I completely acknowledge that there are worst things going on in the world than the existence of paysites. Having said that, it does not negate the fact that paysites are wrong and any efforts made to thwart them are to be commended, nor does it mean that we cannot debate the merits or demerits of paysites, as it were, amongst ourselves.

It is your final sentence that angered me enough to cause me to write this response. You have got to be one of the biggest Divas amongst all Sims 2 creators. You seem to think that just because you have some bit of talent with meshing/skinning that you deserve to be worshipped and that you have the right to create a “policy,” a “terms of use,” for your work that we lowly downloaders are bound to follow in perpetutuity.

Get over yourself. You are talented, yes. You deserve credit for the work you have done, yes, but you do not have the right to sell meshes you’ve converted into Sims2 package files, and you really have no right to tell anyone who downloads your creations that you make available on the open internet what they can or cannot do with it.

It is called sharing. When you share, you are making a gift and you can’t put conditions on the use of that gift. Moreover, you cannot control what I or anyone else does with your meshes, once they leave your computer and are placed on the open internet. If you don’t like it and  feel that you must retain any form of control, then stop sharing them. It is that simple. 

One last thing: I do not feel that you, or any other Sims 2 creator owes me or anyone else anything. This is not about gimme gimme gimme. If you, or any other creator would like to share your work, great! If not, I am sure that I can live without it! I would rather download something from someone who shares openly for the love of the game, than someone who feels forced into it for whatever reason, be it money or adulation.

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